Privacy Policy
  • Date of enactment: March 24, 2005
  • Date of revision: March 30,2007
  • Syare Corporation
  • [Privacy Policy]
  • Based on our management philosophy and a code of conduct that we established ourselves, Syare Corporation will continue to contribute to society, and together with gaining the trust of all our customers, will perform business activities that meet the expectations on our company.
  • Concerning the protection of customers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, and any information that could identify an individual from the service contents in an application, we recognize that this information is important to our customers, and is information that should be handled appropriately.
  • Our company abides by the law concerning the protection of personal information, and believes that protecting it is a fundamental business activity and a societal responsibility. We also thoroughly implement the following efforts with employees who are involved with the appropriate handling of personal information.
Our company abides by the law, and other rules concerning personal information, and takes all possible measures to protect our customers' important personal information.
Concerning our customers' personal information, our company handles it appropriately within the following scope of purposes.
Furthermore, besides the following utilization purposes, there may be occasions when individual utilization purposes are established through services and questionnaires.
  1. Identity verification, usage fee requests, changes to the conditions of a provided service and/or the usage fee, notices for the stoppage or cancellation of a service, others, and things related to the provision of company services.
  2. Things related to the contents of inquires and consultations.
In order to handle our customers' personal information appropriately, our company undertakes proper measures in relation to the maintenance of internal regulations and administration, employee education, unauthorized access to personal information, and the prevention of private information loss, destruction, manipulation, and/or leakage. We will also continue striving to protect personal information through constant reviewing and planning.
Our company will not disclose/provide personal information to any third party unless the situation corresponds to one of the following.
  1. In the event we have the customer's agreement.
  2. In the event we provide the information under the circumstances of not being able to identify/distinguish the customer.
  3. In the event we delegate the responsibility of handling personal information to an outsourcing company to make business run smoothly.
    (In this case, we will choose an outsourcing company that has a satisfactory protection standard in place, and performs appropriate administration under the required contract laws in order to prevent the leakage or re-release of personal information.)
In the event it is necessary to protect people's lives, bodies, or possessions, but it is difficult to gain the customer's permission.
  • In the event it is necessary to cooperate with government agencies, local public authorities, or people delegated by such authorities in order for them to carry out their legal duties, and when there is a risk that gaining the customer's permission would interfere with the performance of their relevant duties.
  • In the event the customer would like the customer's own personal information disclosed, please contact the following company contact, and we will quickly deal with it within reasonable realms.
  • *In the event special disclosure, or a means of notification is requested, and additional costs are necessary, there may be circumstances when a considered fee is received for such costs. Also, the following department handles inquiries into our company's handling of personal information.
  • 【Inquiries】
  • Personal information contact
  • Email: webmaster◆ a measure against unsolicited emails, the at mark has been shown as *)
  • Free dial: 0120-480-471 (MON-FRI 10:00AM~06:00PM)
In regards to personal information collected before April 1st, 2005, and also personal information collected before the personal information protection law became effective, we will handle this information within the above mentioned utilization purposes. In the event you do not agree with the utilization purposes, we kindly ask that you please advise the above mentioned contact.
Our company has personal information protection administrators in each department that handle personal information, and together with striving for appropriate handling of personal information, we have also come up with a set of company rules and regulations relating to safety administration, and educate employees on personal information protection.
Privacy policy changes
At our company, we modify our privacy policy in order to protect our customers' personal information, and to correspond with changes to the law and other rules. In the event of a revision, we always list the latest version.
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