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Your success is waiting on the other side of this site.
We at Syare Corporation can provide you with optimum business scenes,
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We will assist you with quickly targeting your products to your own unique business market
with absolute certainty, and support your great success.
At our company, we will provide you with one of these business models.
That being "PIA(Private Importing Agency)."

All you need to do is gather customers

Please leave all the shipping and arrangements of ordered products to Syare Corporation.
The only thing we would like you to do is gather customers.

Simple and Riskless

Syare Corporation has trading performance
with a large number of private import agents in Japan.
We will also verify that a product
is able to be circulated in Japan, which has strict quality standards,
through our unique product analysis.
If you want to have success as a private import agency business,
a partner who is successful in Japan is an absolutely imperative.
The business flow is extremely simple,
and there is no financial risk involved with outstanding payments.

Why not "Syare"?

Syare Corporation is chosen by a large number of
private import agents in Japan.
Syare Corporation is the best business partner
for you to obtain business opportunities.
Syare Corporation's strengths are explained simply
on the right.

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Contact us

If you would like to obtain the business opportunity that is right in front of you, please feel free to inquire.

Concerning inquiries, we will do our best to respond quickly, however it may take some time to reply.
If you are in a hurry,
please call the following telephone number during office hours (Japan time 9am-5pm.)


2-8-97, Namba naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0011 Japan
TEL.81-(0)6-6630-0480 FAX.81-(0)6-6630-1311 Email.info@osyare.biz